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Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful 10/10

Tonight I am thankful for dinner.
Chicken Florentine.
My dinner of choice.
The dinner that I make for Daddy's birthdays,
I have made it for absolutely every family member or friend that has ever greeted my dinner table.
My first culinary masterpiece.
Something I am sure my daughters will come to know.
The only thing that makes it better tonight,
Is Jake's sister here to clean up after the mess.
For that, I thank her from the bottom of my heart.
I am also thankful to be typing one handed tonight.
My other hand around a busy minded little lady,
Watching toy story 3.
"Whats going to happen?"
"Is he a bad guy"
"That looks like fun!"
"That's so sad."
"Mommy I love you SO much in my life!"
"Whats happening?"
"Is that a bad guy?"
"I'm hot because of you."
That's a new one.
She is quite toasty.
Its a good thing I'm not trying to actually watch the movie.
We had sun today,
That was a real treat.
We even got a chance to air out our moldy, soggy feet.
"Mommy, Does God pour the rain?"
I have some terribly sad, horrible, no good day, awful, tearful news.
My Alicia moved away.
This was the lady who probably managed to appear on my blog more than I have thus far.
She escorted me to every doctors appt. While pregnant with Claire.
She was there for every ultrasound,
And gave Jake the phone call telling him
"It's a girl!"
So The doc could actually do the
'important parts' of the ultrasound.
Every appt. was a 2 hour drive.
She even came when I made the gruelling drive once a week.
She was my only visitor at the hospital after Claire was born.
(because it's a two hour drive)
And was kind enough to bring the two older Peeps
So they could meet their new sister.
Alicia and Lauren.
Every time she came over, She would tidy after the Peeps,
just like I do.
She has kissed their boo boo's
Wiped their noses,
Cleaned my house on numerous occasions.
She once removed my stitches for me.
She was my wing man.
Our camping buddies.

I searched high and low for the picture of her and Silas
after the longest 28 hours of my life (the hospital pic).
Wish I could share it.
Its priceless.
Now she is off and gone,
And I am a little lost.
I am thankful for time,
That will Show me how to adapt to life
Without the every day dose of Alicia.
I am not one who enjoys change.
I don't want to ever move from this cardboard house,
Simply on principle.
My kids have always lived here.
I hand painted nearly every nook and cranny.
Do you know how much works that is?
I have organized and re-organized a million times.
It's mine!
The night before Sterling and Alicia moved away,
Lauren came out of her room with her Hello Kitty bag all packed up.
(cookie jar, baby clothes, jump rope etc.)
She says she's moving to "Idako"
Alicia is moving to Idaho, did I mention?
I think I am most thankful for the relationship Alicia had with Claire.
They were buddies for sure.
I just wish Claire could know what they had
When she's grown.
I wish that for all my kids.
I'll just have to tell them over and over I suppose.
About my best friend- who now live in Idako,
Who used to live here,
And became like family.
I guess Idako would be a nice place to visit someday soon.


  1. Oh Holly ~ I'm soooo sad for you and yet so elated for "new beginnings" ~ Yes, Boise is a wonderful place to visit and if you ever decide to go ~ let me know and I'll come over and see you there too! (it's only 4 hours from Wallyworld!!!) : ) Know that I'm thinking about you and your loss and know that with every end comes a new beginning! luvyatons Mom

  2. Ok Sweetie can you actually bring one more tear to my eye... I have felt so lost thus far without hugging my little Peeps. True friends, best friends are few and far between and you are my genuine best friend.. I will do what ever I can to still be in those babies lives and yours. We may be miles apart but always close in heart. I will see you soon promise. Kiss each Little Peep from there Alicia. Love you sweetie :) XO