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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garden Show

Look what came knocking at my door this morning!
No kidding!
The funny man actually knocked!
He got up early this morning and went fishing before Breakfast at Grandpa's
It smelled like a fish fry when I got home from the
Garden Show!!!!
I went to the annual garden show today.
It was my (and Lauren's) first time,
And will surely be a tradition from now on!
I got a ton of ideas that I plan on using just as soon as the road construction is done.
This picture is actually dated.
Since this time, the fence and the bush are gone.
But really, its okay!
I have been wanting to redo our front yard for a long time.
I just got free excavating and a boost in the process o actually getting started with the project.
Soon, we will actually have a side walk that wraps around the entire neighborhood
(a first), the option for a mail box (another first),
And a whole new look!

Here are some ideas I want to try:
I want this ornamental strawberry garden
(and the strawberries!)
It really is a lot prettier in person.
Again, absolutely stunning in person.
I NEED some of this dainty grassy plant!

She found the best treats.
Beautiful Myrtle tree.
Can't have this one, but I really love it.
Check out how they carved out the fence to fit the tree.

Definitely up for this idea!

Check out the size of this leaf!
If I don't get anything else that's fine, but I must have this plant!
The picture doesn't even begin to do it justice.
It looks like a palm,
but it is actually in the grass family.

Now I am feeling anxious to get back out in my garden.
Cannot wait for the road construction to be done.

What a great girls day out!

We also stopped by the Farmers market for some pickling cukes,
and Lauren's cute face won her a prize again!
Lastly, I have to say that Lauren was an absolute gem to be with all day.

She fit in so well as one of the girls and it was wonderful!
I love the rare times when it feels like her friend and not so mothering to her.
Lauren, you make my heart sing.

I look forward to Many more days like today!


  1. Sounds like a real mother daughter day!! Good for you! Tell Jake the fish looked yummie too.
    Lots of Love,

  2. Looks like fun! Timber and I had that same type of day on Saturday. We went to the farmer's market, the quilt show and the gymkhana at the fairgrounds. It was so fun! Nothing like spending some mommy daughter time.

  3. Aren't Garden Shows a great thing! Now that things are cooling off a little here this week, I'm feeling inspired again. I can't work in that heat! The plant you like is an Umbrella Grass. : < >