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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Rewind

I waited way too long to post this.
My parents visit for Silo's birthday.
Here are some of the things we did when we were not celebrating the Man cub.
In preparation for their visit:
We made bagels,
And blueberry jam.
The visit was mostly made up of many many MANY many
trips to the beach.
Claire rode on my hip or my back the whole time.
This was to document her existence ;)
Grandma and Grandpa love.
Firewood duty.

Grandma made flip-flop (like the scandal) cookies with Lauren.
That's one way to feed the insatiable shoe obsession of hers.

Driving to the county fair.......
Grandma got an apron like Laurens.........

The trip was WAY too short. Five days felt like two,
And we cannot wait 'till our Thanksgiving reunion!


  1. Oh my gosh, Grandma and Lauren are sooooooooo cute in that last picture! That's a grandma's delight!

  2. What great pictures Holly. I'm still waiting to see Renee's pictures too. I'm looking forward to your Thanksgiving reunion too. :)
    Give the kids hugs from me. They are such cute little darlings.

  3. To my wonderful daughter, Jake, and the Peeps. I love you all sooo much and you made us feel so welcome. Your home is truly blessed with love friendship and the gifts that God showers upon you. May he continue to do so everyday.