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Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday post numba 2

It has taken me so incredibly long to put these posts together.
I am not naive enough to think that everyone will be interested and eagerly awaits the next post about the times we celebrated my boy turning five.
I just have this pressing need to document this thoroughly and precisely
You see this boy of mine is a gift. He is not in my possession for long and
I want so desperately to remember and cherish these times.
Soon he will no longer be just a gift of Mine and his Dad's',
He will be a gift to the world
and we will have to share his time.
So without further ado,
Last weekend's camping trip
And the celebration on Silas' actual birthday:
We started out Silas' birthday morning off right.
Ice cream for breakfast,
Because its the true way to win his love.
A cuddle and a little frozen sugared cream.
I actually suggested the idea to the boy
and he laughed like I was joking.
Ice cream fro breakfast?
Is that even possible?
Pretty Felicia
The Man himself.
Aside from the endless crazy-loud partiers down the river,
This was the best camping site ever.
We were literally on the river bed.
Our 'kitchen was less than 50 feet from the water.
We boiled river water to wash dishes.
We walked in nice soft sand.
It was goodness to the extreme.
The second night, someone had it with the partiers,
and made a call to the neighborhood sheriff.
They got busted, we got sleep.
Smooth sailing for night #2

Introducing our newest home.
Its the first one so far that we have owned 'outright'
About 20 square feet,
Spacious enough to sleep us-
any any a few more Peeps down the road!
Is anyone laughing with me on this one?
Ragamuffins escaping the tent

We got creative with out time spent
Tomahawk throwing was requested by Silas' friend Alex.
It's on.
My first throw was a bulls eye.
I later learned that there is a science to it.
It takes 7 steps,
That's it.
Jake measured it out, told me where to stand,
And successfully set me up for glory.
And I felt like Lady Davey Crockett.

So in case you're wondering the science behind it,
here you go:
Apparently some mountain men measured out how many revolutions it takes
for a tomahawk to successfully stick.
It takes 7 leisurely adult steps,
a good eye, and a steady hand.

Try it out.
Its a kick!
My first blood.
(From Harry and the Hendersons)

Our good friend Esque went into town and bought a huge
crab/craw fish/salmon fest.
It was a feast for sure.
A delicacy for camping indeed!
Jake did not go wading with the inner tube
That would have been a great time though.
I'd do it.

FYI: the inner tube is a heavy duty, super thick
used tire from Les schwab.
ingenious idea from my Father-in-Law
Please don't remember me this chubalub.
If it weren't for my Joey pouch, this pic would have been perfect .
I plan on ditching the baggage post haste.
I still enjoy the pic because of the memory it invokes when I look at it
I will remember surfing a kayak
with my little danger seeking

For his birthday, he also wanted to go shooting at the range,
So we loaded up and hit the dusty trail.
Mama: Whats that light on the dash for?
Daddy: "Oh shoot that means our rear tire is low"
Mama's Brain "Oh Yeah, Silas said something about a flat tire! He wasn't joking?!"
Note to self: Listen to the little spastic ninja when he says
(in between erratic kicks and karate chops)
"Hey lady, I think your car has a problem with the tire.....
Hi-ya Boom Pow"
Instead, I say:
"You can call me Mom, Pal!"
And we end up with this:
The first time we have ever been too far from good Uncle
Les Schwab to come fix us up.
Jake's first tire change since high school.
My brother was driving in the snow and got a flat.
Jake saved him from having to call home and admit that
he may or may not have been going too fast in a parking lot and hit the curb.
Thanks for staying with me on that one.
Felicia caught grasshoppers... and we waited.
Sat in the middle of the road,
In the middle of nowhere,
And waited.

Waited, waited,
Used bushes as the out house
while Felicia sang her heart out to scare the Bears away......
Waited some more................
Then Finally we were moving again!
The gun range was scorching hot,
but the kids forgot to even notice!

The safety line I used out of used up shells.

Even a Doll baby can learn to shoot.

Back to camp.
Out of the heat.

grandpa came to visit.
And took a nap in the sand.

So thankful for that rope!

Jake was pretty impressive.
I was impressed
Every night, he disappeared into the woods
And came out with enough
dead trees to build an ark.
We never brought fire wood.
We never Bought firewood.
He provided.
Sometimes with help,
Sometimes not.

This is how close we camped from the river.
Believe it.
Guess what else?
We just happened to choose the nation-wide free camping weekend.
I guess its an annual thing for federal campgrounds, and we just happened to choose the right weekend.
Don't tell Silas though, He thinks it was his birthday present from the woods.
After three days and two nights,
We were wiped out,
Coming down with colds,
Smelled like camp smoke,
definitely were not lacking on food
( I am a chronic over-packer, Its a syndrome)
And sad to come home.
But the depressing reality was that Daddy had to go to work the next day,
and we had to pack up.
But the party wasn't over yet.
Showers, naps, rest,
then Dinner at

On his birthday, he gets to wear his Sunday tie.

This video is out of order, But it is Felicia singing
to scare off the bears
While Lauren finds the nearest bush.
Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause my music selection
so you can hear this in all it's glory!

Once again, to all those who stayed with me 'til the end,
I hope you have time to take a nap now.
I don't suspect all of my 11 readers stayed tuned for the whole show.
I know you Grandma's did,
And now its here.
For all of you.
Join me in remembering this summer of 2010 and all the Peep-tacular adventures!


  1. Oh, Holly, you're too funny! Of course I stuck with you through the end, because you crack me up and your blog is always fun to read. I need to head over to mine and post, but I just don't have it in me, so good for you for getting it done! By the way, what a great place to camp!

  2. Holly...LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about your family adventures and seeing all the amazing pics.



  4. Thanks! It's so much fun to read your blogs!

  5. Thanks, Holly. This is beautiful...and takes me back to those wonderful days of big camp fires and big smiles in the woods when ours were little:-)