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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A day I want to remember....

I am so not looking forward to the end of summer.
We have had a few really great days like today,
that make me realize I would be perfectly happy with the version of summer
that Brookings has to offer....
Silas has been making so much progress in swimming lessons,
today being his best of all.
It's not easy finding a great swimming teacher.
We have only found a couple of them,
My kids have had about 20 or so
(because they rotate, and this is our second year with lessons)
This lady is one of them!
She gets Silas.
Gentle, firm,
Excited personality.
He loves her.
He loves everything about swim lessons because of her.
Even the shower.
After swimming lessons, we picked FREE plums!
I think these will make a pretty yellow jam
(If they don't get eaten first!).
Big boy picking...
Then..... They found a snake.
I was crazy surprized to see Lauren come ANYWHERE NEAR the thing,
let alone touch it!
Check this out...
The thing was striking at Silas.
He was so brave.
He realized that it didn't hurt, and the bites weren't poisonous,
so he decided to endure the strikes to get in a good snake handling.
It was trying to strike at the camera.
I was lucky to get this one!

Then, we went home for PB&J sandwiches.
I went in the house to get the drinks,
and came out to this:
They were pretending to be asleep,
but couldn't keep back the smiles!
Pretty convincing huh?

This is the picture I want to remember when all is chaos between these two.
That there are really sweet moments for them,
And that they do love each other to bits
(its just not always showing).
These are the things I want tot remember.

Lauren and I got to do private swimming lessons this afternoon
(just the two of us!)
Learning to swim from a stranger (life gaurd) didn't work for her.
She was terribly scared.
The life gaurd works with pre-school aged kids all day
So Lauren was nothing new.
I couldn't get the fear out of her.
I couldn't make her do it!

We had so much fun!
I was kicking myself that I didn't decide to do this sooner.
I love teaching my kids new things, and swiming was no exception.
We got lucky when Dad showed up and shot some pics.

(after nap time!),
I packed up a picnic.
Sweet potato fries
shallot mustard chicken

The chicken was fantabulous!
Heres the scoop:
2 large shallots or 4 small ones
chicken of course
dijon mustard ('bout 5 Tbsp.)
a few dashes of tabasco
salt to taste.
Marinade for up to a day (the longer the better)
grill on low (so the seasoning doesn't burn) with lid closed for 20 min or so.
We took it down to the handicap dock for some fishin' and eatin'

Silas tried out his new bithday fishing pole.
Doesn't he look like an old man?
Now to set my alarm for 5:40.
Yes thats AM.
The track awaits my newest adventure.
(without passing out)!
I have not fully gotten into it again since baby 3.
It is time.
Wish me luck!


  1. Holly,
    I truly love the pictures you post. And.. the things you write about your family. They re a joy to read. I would expect Silas to be intrigued (minus the strikes! EKK!) with the snake but Lauren? She is the bravest little girl I know. I am so afraid of snakes.

    The picture of the two of them in the chair pretending to be asleep is priceless. It is so obvious they love each other.

    Your picnic looks divine. How fun to watch Silas fish. I think he looks more like a fine young man.

    Hugs to all of you,

  2. What a great day! I can't believe that summer is leaving us either. I'm told that September is beautiful up the river, so we're going to be trying to find the sunshine up there!

    Thanks for the marinade recipe! We'll try it out!