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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crabbing trilogy....

Yes, three times.

Silas, already bored......

Crabbing with the Peeps goes something like this:

Friday night: down to handicap dock,

Because yes, with three kids, you have a slight handicap when it comes to fishing for anything.
We probably caught about thirty crabs, none of them keepers. Female crabs are unacceptable.. The males have to be a certain length to make the plate.

Silas learned to tie my shoe. Poor guy had more energy than could be contained.
Friday night gave us nice weather, tied shoes and crabs to pet, (NOT TO KEEP)
Meanwhile, I found this on Amazon for a great price......
just beckoning my call
waiting to be ordered.
Telling me I have the money
Like a nag in my head and a thorn in my side.
Convincing me that life's just not as good without it.
Its a cast iron waffle griddle
I dream of camp waffles this weekend.
Speaking of camping,
Silas has only 6 days left until he turns 5.
I feel like I am losing a baby.
I want to hold him and squeeze his chubby cheeks and give him a bottle again.
He starts Home School this year.
Kindergarten. Sheesh.
Practically a man.
The cheeks just aren't there anymore.
He holds the door for his Momma now.

Back to Camping.
Were taking him camping this weekend for his birthday.
He says he wants 'everyone' to come so...
consider yourself invited.
Bring your own amenities.
P.S. were having ice cream for breakfast on his birthday

Saturday morning.....
Still crabbing, getting bored.
You know how big those suckers have to be in order to pocket them?

Were about 4 hours total.... no keepers.
She looks like the lady from the old King Kong movie.

This guy was a hoot. Have you ever seen a crab pot sales man? No?
Well now you have.
I didn't have the guts to take a front shot pic of him.
He looks about the same from the front side as from the back.
Maybe a little more hair.

Its time for a break. Or I guess a break from a break.
Fishing was a fun family adventure. Even without success.

Saturday afternoon. Lauren and I hit a crazy jackpot yard sale. I don't Have pictures, but I bought way too many things for 5$

Silo and I go have some good bonding time at the rodeo.
I love me a good rodeo.
I reminds me of my long lost inner desire to be a cowgirl
I always thought I'd make a cute one too.
Cowgirl that is.

I'd ride a horse instead of driving a suburban look-alike.
I want to be like the other cowgirls and eat rodeo food
and be super skinny
'cause I ride my horse and bail hay all day.

Instead, I just eat the rodeo food and sit on the grass watching.
1 linguicia dog and a bucket of fries: 14$

I ate about 7$ worth
And then realized the cowgirls must pack lunches or something.

I wish that I could say that he ate better than I did,
but such was not the case.

What is it about the fair that makes you loose all morality when it comes to eating?

The boy loved the bulls. He now wants to be a bull riding police officer when he is grown.

I think I could handle that
quite proudly.

Saturday night,
Back at it.

Crabbing is so addicting. Every time we pulled up the net, they were there.
Always at least one,
usually averaged about three or four at a time,
Sometimes got as many as eight or nine
Never any keepers.
Its taunting.

We Piepers tend to be quitters when it looks like we may not win.
We are sensible and know when to stop before winded
or pride stripped.

I am not quite sure what kept the man going,
but the boy sure found things to do.
Free bait from the fish cleaning station. The greatest thing ever.
Makes crabbing free
(after you get the gear)
In case your wondering, yes he did go through with it and made contact with the fish head.
some things are better left to the imagination right?

We got one!

You can imagine the kids and my excitement after throwing the previous 50 or so back!
I'm telling ya, I had begun thinking and scheming up
a plan for some crab poaching.
I thought the moment would never come!
If you read my post about my dishonesty with the praying mantis sack,
You would know that I don't so well well when you mix
me+cheating+nature of any sort
So far it has brought me no profit.
Thank you Lord for sparing me.

8:30 Saturday night. driving home listening to the sound of crab claws trying to jump a bucket and a sense of pride overwhelming all the Peeps. Lauren names it "Sweetie Poke" but she pronounces it sounding more like "Feety poke".
Then it hits Silas, that this crab is not a pet for too much longer. Were not going to cuddle it and brush its claw hairs.
His fate is determined,
and its not one in favor of the crab.
And the fat lip trembles.
After much talk and tears about catching and eating,
Pride in our self caught dinner,
the tears are at bay,
Just don't make eye contact.

And he's back to being bored again.....
9 pm..... waiting for dinner.

The first taste.......
I didn't notice until afterwards, but she had forgotten to take her gum out first.
What a "feety"

Then, the man cub tries......

And disapproves......
Still worth every effort though.

I think we have gotten our full money's worth out of the fishing license. Even though we only caught one crab so far.

Our weekend was complete,
And it was still only Saturday!

And did you think I was really going to spare details?
Picture strings of junk as he lifts his fingers up
Seriously, I gag just thinkin 'bout it.

I'll suppress the cowgirl talk now.

Time to hit the hay.
Nite 'yall!!!!!


  1. Glad you guys got to go to teh rodeo! And yay for the crab! Did Silas cry as it's live body was imersed in boiling water? ;) Maybe you spared him that, it would be the humane thing to do. Although if he's poking a dead fish eye then he probably wouldn't have really minded.
    Don't fret too much about the fair food...we had cotton candy and funnel cakes and pizza. It was yummy.

  2. What....?No Snikerdoodle Corn at the Rodeo???
    Loved the pictures and I always new you had an inner "Rodeo Girl". Love you all sooooo much!