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Lovin the life that brings me home.....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Learning life, loving our famliy visit.

I have to say,
My absolute, most favorite thing to catch on photograph:

A new family portrait!

Home-spun, beach-style gymnastics
My Baby, thinking she needs a fuss.
I feel like my kids have experienced such a rich amount of experiences over the past days.
We have family in town, and were diggin' the company.
It gives us a chance to get out there and explore.
We usually do more with visiting family in a four day weekend
than we do in a month.
No complaints,
I don't think I could handle doing all this, all the time.
We made 4 batches of bagels to share with company.
Waiting to taste what his hands helped create.
After much neglect, we found out that our tadpole had undergone the change.
From "Mostly tadpole" to "mostly frog".
Thanks again Daddy, for the camera. Love you.

Making blueberry jam (in preparation for our company).

Silas' Grandpa taught him a little about streams as they worked fervently to
redirect this one.
They were peas in a pod.
Success was had!

Silas got a chance to fish with the big boys.
on the big rocks,
Making my heart beat BIG beats.
Happy to report that he made it out safely with a crazy drive to

A word for Silas:
This rock was incredible.
It had undergone so many years of elements,
it broke in pieces into our hands.
He found these details and described them to me.
The lines, the breaks, fragile... etc.
Lauren's very first braid.
Good job little lady.

Here's what I have learned:
The self timer on my camera!
Small things that make memories so much easier to document.
Productive right?

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