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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jake's birthday

Another birthday in the Pieper Family. Sometimes I still think its crazy that we have five birthdays a year in our immediate family. This time, its Daddy's turn to be celebrated. We went to our favorite restaurant, Pancho's.

I think he was hoping for the shot ;)

Lauren got what she wanted though.
Almost all of daddy's ice cream down the gullet.

Later, he got his presents from the kids:
Lauren wanted to get him a stainless steel food strainer (which I would have loved!),
but I convinced her to choose something that would not end up in her dishes basket. She settled on chocolate covered cranberries. Interesting.

Silas chose this: "popcorn on a cob"

I've seen them before, but have never tried it. I have many questions about it like: Where doe the popcorn pop? Not all over the microwave right? Do I have to plug in my microwave? Can I just put it in a really hot oven? How about the barbeue?
Microwave or not, were gonna make it happen because Silas was super jazzed about his gift to Daddy.

Silas made a KILLER cheesecake for daddy (by special request)
Only one shell in the batter. Pretty good buddy!
Measuring out the sugar.

The end product:
Tastes so good!
Dear Daddy,
Happy Birthday, I love you when your birthday comes up. Hi. Hey Daddy, Hi. I love you. When Jesus Christ and when Jesus loves me. I like when you spin my hoola hoop around.

Dear Daddy,
When we made this cake, it was so yummy, and I thought that it was so yummier than anyone else's cakes. And what I wanted to tell you that over the last years,, why didn't you tell me that I could come up to the store to work with you? Happy birthday daddy. Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to your, Happy birthday dear daddy, Happy birthday to you.

Dear Daddy,
I am so glad to have you in my life as the daddy of my kids and the man of my dreams. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would do it the same way (minus a few cheap squabbles I'm sure). You have given me more confidence in myself in the last 7 years of marriage than I have ever had before. Your an amazing leader, provider, and truly make my dreams of being a mom and teacher (to the Pieps) possible. Thank you for supporting us and being happy about me being home with our Peeps! They love you so much and miss you when your gone! Lauren needs a Daddy just like you. She needs you to give her the confidence you've given me. You're be great at that. Silas needs you to "rough him up" and do man things like you do with him, because his mamma just doesn't have that in her. Claire, well I think we need her plump face and crystal blue eyes to stare into and make us smile.

I am amazed by your commitment to the Lord- even when its tough and people don't understand. I can only hope that Silas will be Graced enough to be so diligent and driven to follow Him. He will be lucky to be a man like his Daddy. Thank you for being so good to us! I love you so much!


  1. Hope your birthday was wonderful Jake. You are truly blessed with an amazing and wonderful loving family (that includes us)! Love you.

  2. I love you guys!!! Jake';s birthday sounds awesome!! You and Jake are the best! I was thinking of that Mother's Day in Denver 27 years ago when i bought tiny newborn Jake from the hospital. I am amazed and thrilled at the wonderful man he grew up to be..I can not take any credit for it...it is just the Lord...AND he could not have picked a better wife and mommy for his children. Hey your birthday is next....hope he treats you as special