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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ineficient time spent? depends.

So I guess I spend too much time on my blog ( so I have been told) I neglect many other things to feed this new found addiction. Dinner, baths, and cleaning (just to name a few), are all set on hold when I feel like I have enough great pictures to make a story of something we've recently done.
Here's the funny thing: I have 5 followers, and one of them is ME(I'm working on changing that, but can't figure out how to delete myself from the list)! You would think this would be enough to make me not spend my time doing all this work (and it really is work!), but when I blog, I don't feel as much guilt for not printing out pictures and scrap booking. This is fun for me, and I love to look at it. I know all three mama's (and mama in law ;) like it when they get the chance to read it. I am looking forward to looking back on a year or two's worth of blogging with a smile.
I bring this subject up because it came up on Saturday morning when we all woke up to a SUPER messy house (because Mom had spent the entire evening blogging " Never Ending Story of our Week". I was working on it from about 8ish to 11:30 (I would probably have done it for longer, but the music I downloaded on my front page woke Jake up.). I just don't stay up that late for anything! If I stay up late, I am usually using time my "wisely" (my honest wording) by cleaning up while the Peeps sleep. This night though, I had made pizza, from scratch. Dough, sauce, chopped all the toppings.... you get it, huge mess. When I woke up, and saw how bad the mess REALLY was (with the sunlight exposing its every imperfection), I was in shock! flour all over the counter, toppings on floor, pizza pans still out, and sink literally overflowing with dishes. My poor Kitchen Aid Mixer... so messy and neglected :(
Lets just say Jake noticed too, and due to my extreme lack of sleep and morning ravenous hunger pains, I had a meltdown. I took it totally personally and overacted and for that, I am sorry. I officially owe my husband an apology for twisting his words and making him seem horrible for simply saying "That's not you... Usually you stay up to clean" or something like that. He was only stating the obvious, and it was a good reality check to my addictive personality. Thanks babe (really!).

Here is something I got out of all of this though: Although I don't always have my priorities in order when I sit down to write my story, This is something I love to do, and I feel great accomplishment that I have logged these memories. Its just an added bonus that I can share this with others at a click of a button.
I think the 4 people cheering for me and telling me they love my blog is enough for me. Thanks for supporting the little blog Moms....... and Heather!
Its good to be loved and to feel the love for my Pieps!


  1. I subscribe in google reader :) so add me to the list. Loved the ice cream blog.

  2. I am such a dork, I had no idea that I actually posted this yet. I have no idea how to add you to my list, or what google reader is. Sorry!

  3. O.k. Holly. Don't fret! First, as you continue to blog you'll find that you can do a blog post in like 10 miuntes instead of 3 hours. It'll get easier and faster.
    Second- you must keep blogging becasue, you're right, we do all love reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures of the kids!
    I absolutely love blogging- I love all the comments and the "friends" I have met through it.
    I guess my only advise would be to not worry about the blog itself. If you get the time to do it, then post something. Once in a while I go an entire week without posting something. Sometimes the other things in your life are just going to take over....and that's o.k. We'll all still be here at your next post.
    My uncle once told me that for every comment you get, there are probably 3 other readers that just didn't comment. SO TRUE! A good post may get me 13 comments but I have 122 followers! A blog I read has over 1300 followers but may only get 80 comments on a post.
    Anyway, bottom line, just have fun with it! And realize that once you really get the hang of it, it will be WAY easier! :)