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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ice cream obsessed.

The Pieper family is HUGE on their ice cream.

Our Ice cream shop is only open from April to October so between those months, we live there.

Lauren, is a slow ice cream eater, avoiding the brain freeze.

Grandpa's technique:

"no time to waste"

Daddy takes time to savor his ice cream. He has this funny thing with his bites:

He gets a small amount of ice cream on his spoon, then he makes three or four bites out of it, he skims little bits off of the top of the spoonful.
You get it?

Silas takes a similar approach to his ice cream as Grandpa.
quick and quiet.
And then he begs.

Like a seagull at the beach.

Thats just it. Plain and simple. Real and true. If your a Pieper,

you eat ice cream, and lots of it.

How do you eat yours?

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