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Friday, April 9, 2010


This little cupcake introduces herself as "Lowen". From this she will repeat herself and break it down for you to, "LOW-WEN" And then, if you don't understand and say "Oh, Lauren!" Your not worth her time.

She's a sweet little pistol with fire in her heels. I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to work because I would regretfully miss so many "teachable moments".

Isn't she sweet?

Lauren is all girl. She is all about the dress and painted toenails. I am contemplating not buying anymore pants because if she had her way she would be in her "Flicka" skirt 24/7. One of the things I love about her is that when she is wearing a dress, she truly believes that she is a princess. And what a pretty princess she makes!

She is definitely ALL THINGS PINK!

She is a HILARIOUS dancer and can shake her grove thing like there is no tomorrow. Unlike my homebody Silas, she is my sidekick and goes where I go. It is so much fun having a shopping partner and daughter all wrapped up into one!

Lauren has this special thing about her: No matter how much spice she puts out, she still melts her daddy's heart into this oblivion that covers all her wrongdoings. This is her scapegoat for many of her crimes.

Sometimes, its like looking into a mirror. I think "I was going to say that!"

Despite her flare, Lauren is very self conscious. She has to build her trust up before she lets down her guard. She has a delicate nature and if your not careful, she'll ease up and proceed with caution. She is likely to go unnoticed when her feelings are hurt because she expresses it in a withdraw from this person's company. My prayer of desperation is that I would not unnoticingly say things to hurt her and cause her to withdraw herself from my company. It is easy to do and I am trying to become more aware.

The best thing I have learned about Lauren is that I absolutely LOVE having daughters.

Lauren, I love you honey more than you know. Lets go paint those toenails.


  1. Daughters are soooo much fun! I loved having 2 of them :) Lauren is truly all princess, and I love it when she comes up to me at church to show me her painted nails, or her new dress. She's always so excited to show off her 'girliness' --is that a word? - it certainly should be if it isn't, 'cause it fits her!

  2. Hi Holly, I showed your blog to dad and he was a little choked up at the beautiful pictures and the wonderful things that your wrote about each one. You are truly a wonderful gracious mother. We love you and Jake and the Little Pieps so much and miss you terribly. XOXOX