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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Budding Corn Dog

There's not much more to say about Claire other than:

She is ALWAYS happy...... even when she's hungry

She's always hungry

She is super squeezable

And her face lights up when Daddy gets home!

She looks exquisite in yellow

I was lucky enough to catch her "mid laugh"

When I was pregnant with Claire, we took forever to name her. One of us would come up with a name the other one wouldn't like. The kids came up with temporary names of thier own. Silas wanted "Rifle Gun" Lauren wanted "Corn dog". Corn dog stuck long after she was born. Although that season of her life was short lived (being called Corn dog), It is a fun memory for us all.

She is the sweetest baby you'll ever meet and has the looks to match.

As I said theres not much to say about her other than shes cute and happy. What more could you ask for? Someday I'll have more to say as this flower blooms!

P.S. Daddy's favorite thing about Claire is that her hair is lomg enough to brush the whispies out of her eyes!

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  1. Ah, yes, I remember when the kids told me the names they had picked out for her! I certainly got a laugh out of that :D Sweet Claire, always smiling and happy, and laughing at Silas and Lauren. What a beautiful, precious little girl she is!