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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun for cheep cheep!

You'll have to excuse the play on words for this post (fun for cheep cheep!).I rather like it.
When I thought of it, it just seemed too good to NOT use!
Peeps say "Cheep" right? OK OK enough. :)

This is the kids favorite pastime for a Saturday morning:

Fridays we go to the pet store and buy as many feeder fish as our money can buy.

The money is leftover change from bank day.
The fish are ten cents each and the kids pay for them with their own money.

This week Silas had 80 cents
so 8 fish for Silas.

Lauren had 40 cents this week
but the"fish guy" gave her 6 fish
because it was the only way to get her the "One she really REALLY wanted!"

Thanks fish guy.

this lesson in economic taught her:
If she's cute enough, and wants it bad enough, its hers.

We let the fish go in this great big swampy area at Grandpas house. Its so big that you can't see it all from one angle.

We have yet to explore the whole thing (someday in a trusty boat that wont dump us out.... the water is so stagnant) but we look forward to the day that we finally get to see the fruits of all our money spent (by actually seeing a gold fish after we let it go).
This is a Saturday tradition for the Pieper family (Breakfast at Grandpa's and fish throwing if its nice out), so if your ever around on a Saturday, BYOF (bring your own fish)! Okay really, I am done with the puns word plays . :)

This week we actually saw tadpoles! Maybe we'll catch some next week and try our hands at growing frogs!


  1. That sounds like fun! :) Hope those little fish make it- well, either way, I guess it's better than being eaten by another fish in a bigger bowl.......unless of course, they're just eaten by a another fish in a bigger swamp. At least they're free!! :)

  2. Fun times. Loving your blog. I am so glad you decided to start one :)