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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello, I'm Silas

Lincoln log trick
I thought I would share a little about each of my Pieps. This is my first born and only son, Silas. He is a contortionist, always testing his body to see how many Lincoln logs he can fit in his toes, how he can manage his new jump from the couch to the mini trampoline, and has an obsession with tying our bathrobe ropes in special (tight!) knots to anything with a handle.
He remembers funny things that capture his interest and is very observant.
He's a lover not a fighter and when he does fight (his Daddy) he takes cheap shots from behind and then runs away.
He is a people person so when your sitting anywhere, he will most likely be glued to your lap talking closely to you with his dog breath (watch out because he reeks of boy), and asking you "What if" questions (i.e. "Mama what if I..........?")
He has a huge and charming smile, great sense of humor and is a delight to be around because he is so entertaining.
Someday, he wants to be a Police officer, He would do well because he is a great protector, problem solver, and peace-keeper.
I think he will make a great daddy and husband someday because he is so patient with his sister-even when she doesn't deserve it. In fact its hard to discipline Lauren for doing something wrong because he will interrupt and say:"Its okay mommy, she can hit me like that. It didn't hurt." Or "She can have that toy, I will find a different one." He blows my mind sometimes with his patience and generosity. He's the kind of boy I hope my daughters find as husbands, because he is very much a leader and provider (all by nature) and yet so yielding to the silly requests of his sister.
He loves to make Claire laugh, and don't tell anyone, but I think he is Claire's favorite!
I am so glad he was my first Piep, he was the perfect addition to our family of two, and I have so many treasured memories of being alone all day with him as a babe!

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  1. He is definitely all of that! He is such a gentleman with his sisters - he has always impressed me with how he 'takes care of' his sisters, first Lauren, and now Claire. I pray that continues on throughout his life, with ALL the girls in his life, whoever they may be! :) Some very lucky girl will catch his eye one day....!