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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Baptising the Man-cub

Long ago,
In a brief distant time period,
There was a short summer.
And in those few days,
We went camping for a weekend.
And in that weekend,
We celebrated our socks off!
It was most definitely the hottest weekend of the year.
Almost too hot.
But we live in paradise here,
so the river was a puddle-jump away......
 Silas had his birthday,
and baptism.
The most special birthday in his entire existense.
 We had friends join us in celebration,
and family from states away....
Dad announced Silas' choice to follow Jesus,
and desire to folow in obedience to him.
baptism was a natural next step choice. 
A very special friend of Dad's was honored to perform the ceremony.
I never pictured my boy old enough to do this: 
Was I proud.
Another special friend Barbara came and brought mud pie dessert.
Cousins and friends brought gifts and company.
Does he look excited or what?
Almost as excited at the monkey right?
 Even though this was 4 months ago,
I am committed to revisiting his story,
long enough to share it,
and remembering it like it was yesterday,
The day my man-cub
Became less of a cub,
And more like a man. 

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