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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Showered with diapers.

Last weekend,
We attended a sweet sweet baby shower for our new man.
Due any day now.
Let me just start by saying my friend Alicia went ALL OUT with this fun!
Not only does she have a toddler, a baby, a husband and home to care for,
She can put on a mean party.
There was a baby in a cradle made entirely of fruit!
She popped these bags of popcorn JUST so she could use these tags that said
"Ready to pop!"
May have been funnier if it weren't so true ;)
As the guests walked in,
they each got to sign a storybook:
There are so many sweet blessings written to our little Titus.
And for the sake of little added humor,
people signed a diaper or two:
We got some pretty funny phrases.
 I'm sure you can imagine.
Some of my favorites were:
"You want Zola's"
 Which inevitably I will I'm sure.
"Glad it's you, not me"
"Jake, its your turn!"
You think that one will work?
We'll see.
"Need a break? Call Katelynn and Rachel!"
I may just take them up on that one.
Another fun, sweet, surprise was the bib decorating.
The guests got a marker and went to work.
My favorite bib said
"Titus, final frontier"
 There were even party favors for everyone to take home:
 These cookies were so good, I don't even WANT the recipe!
I ate 3 out of 4 of them that were sent home with me.
It totally threw me into a sugar induced EMOTIONAL basket case of a fit.
Just looking at the picture of them drives me crazy.

These PERFECT cupcakes were handmade in her 'spare time'
The kids got in some fun playtime with other kids their own age,
But the girls were really drawn to the baby BOYS!
 Lauren absolutely loves this baby boy.
Well, we all do, but Lauren is most possessive!
Her face here is classic:
 She would do anything for this boy.
And her heart genuinely melts for him as you can see. 
Kids played with some reeds.
They pretty much destroyed them.
And the yard along the way.
But the hosts were great and didn't worry about it! 
 Did I talk much about the food yet?
 Yes that is 2 cheeseburger patties.
For me.
Don't judge.
You may have noticed by my awkward shoulder shrug
that I was totally trying to pass that one off as a kids plate.
Don't judge.
The food was good.
In the end,
Our family was totally gifted and blown away by the graciousness of the Lunde family
In all their hard work and preparations.
We left feeling loved for sure.

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