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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The result.

Although we found out this news quite a while ago.
Like more than a month..
(who's counting?)
I still need to staple this to the blogging timeline.
Even if it is out of date.

The real results from our ultrasound.
Basically ,
What we came home with was a confusing stack of images.

Before I begin the most hilarious ultrasound story I've ever heard
(I know at least 4 of them)
Lets begin with our pre-doctors appointment discussion on manners:

Mom: "Silas, what are you going to do if the doc says 'It's a girl'?"
Silas: "Oh man, I'm going to be SO angry and scream."
Mom: " Oh no son, you can't do that! You have to control yourself... etc etc."
I bravely decided to bring all the Peeps with me,
a little timid about not having Daddy there- especially after the above conversation.
We all piled into the room, turned out the lights and told the ultrasound tech
"Were dying to know! That's why my kids are all here!"
To which he replied:
"We'll find out at the end. That's how we do things!"
What kind of nut job says something like that????

So we waited, and waited.
Claire was so worried that it was hurting me.
The most recent doc appointment she had, she got a "poke"
Reassuringly, I told her it was just 'jelly on my belly'.
She later got up the courage to speak up and asked "can we eat it?"

a few minutes into the ultrasound,
I noticed the tech squinting hard. So I started paying real close attention with one eye.
Simultaneously, I tried to keep Peeps wrangled around the bench.
Then the thought came to me: Why can't I have eyes like a bird?
One eye on each side of my head would be SO great right now!

After more observation, squinting,
Then finally bringing his face close enough to touch his nose to the screen,
(Well almost)
I concluded the guy just couldn't see very well,
And this was going to be the longest ultrasound yet to come.

Then someone asked him a question,
To which he adjusted his hearing aid, announced that he was very hard of hearing,
And requested a repeat of the question.
Oh Boy.

Fast forward 20 minutes:
Doc says:
 "99% sure It's a........"
This is the point that I realized and thanked God for our spur of the moment
"What if?" conversation that I had with Silo.
I did feel bad for him.
He just put his head down a little.
My boy has never been one to lash out in screaming anger.
He probably wouldn't have done it-even if we hadn't talked about it.

The doc had a few more measurements to do.
There was some extra work required on his part because I had waited so long to have my ultrasound.
So we continued on, and Silas quickly recovered for some
rock-paper-scissors with his sisters.

Feeling a little sorry for myself, and for my boy,
I casually watched the screen.
"Wait a minute! What's that?" I yelled while simultaneously sitting up.
 Didn't give myself the "What if?" talk.
After returning to the appropriate position, this is what we
Tech says: "99% sure its a......"
To which Silas overheard and yelled
"yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" in the biggest man voice he had.
Forgot to ask him the "What if its a boy?" Question?
Not sure that one would have helped.
After praying for more than a year for a brother,
Finally convincing his parents to actually have another baby,
He finally got his prayer answered in the best kind of way.

Words cannot express how perfect and wonderful this news is to our little clan.
Honestly, this was my plan for my entire life.
I never planned beyond this point.
As a girl,
It was always the plan to have 2 boys, 2 girls, and become a teacher.
Somehow, this plan was PUT in my heart for a reason.
Even down to being a teacher to my most favorite kids in the whole wide world.
My dreams have all come true.
Sure we've added a dog or two,
And basically ended up STUFFING my dreams into one tiny (oh so itsy bitsy) little house,
Its still the plan.
God knew what was going to conspire out of all of this and put this plan in my heart.
I am incredibly honored that this life didn't just happen to me.
It wasn't out of the blue.
The timing maybe, but not the big picture.

Now this is where it gets a little sticky.
I'm not even sure if sticky is the right word.
Interesting maybe?
Or how about unpredictable?
I'm just wondering: "Whats next?''
I'm 28 and my plans are accomplished?
Well, I intend on finding out with no inhibitions.
Do I really have a choice?
I am done dreaming of the future success and failures, accomplished and unfinished.
Everything else is just icing on the cake.
This is just my perspective for this day.
It is currently 6:01 AM
Happy as a lark.

Both of my sons, rockin' the 'love' sign 
Because that's how they roll....

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