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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Spring camp.

As I logged on to my computer to blog after a very long time (seems to be a pattern huh?), I found this! Its from May! Still worth sharing after so long. Always worth reminiscing right?

What kind of person gets a trailer and doesn't jump on the first chance to use it?
Not us!
Above: Lauren collecting 'rinse' water from the river
We were desperate to get out there!
Claire was literally asking to go camping every day!
Funny thing, I don't think she remembered what camping actually was.
She would ask funny random questions like:
"Do we go camping in the bushes?"
Silas and his Mentos/soda geyser.
Ingenious discovery.
Of course, the boy who never (well, almost never) gets to drink soda,
Would naturally think minty flavored flat and lukewarm cola was worth drinking~
We sort of break the sugar rules when we camp.
In fact, I guess in this case, we add more sugar to whats already sugared!

Good morning sunshine.......
Looking out the window at what she was already missing that morning!
Looking a little rough.
Might have something to do with he fact that she slept with her sister.
Not an ordinary occurrence

More like sleeping with a wrecking ball blanket stealer.
Still high spirits though...
Found some old sparklers:
Another first.
Monumental moment of epic proportions:
My boy and his very first very own fire.
As in- he made it all by himself.
Note how much larger it is than ours.
That wasn't on purpose at all- Ha!

Claire and Dad BOTH needed the alone time they got together.
I swear there is nothing better as a mom than seeing your man enjoy his cubs.

The last few days were quite rainy.
We made the most of them and still managed to have a great stay.
The fantastic part about this early spring trip was that the campground wasn't open yet.
This meant that we camped were we wanted,
Until we wanted to leave,
Entirely for free!
Two days turned into three days...
Then 4 days...
Why not?
We spent an entire morning snuggled and reading and listening to the rain...
I can honestly say that I have never done that.
My efforts have always been distracted by the drier buzzer, or vacuuming.
Spilled milk and hand washing.

Not here!
It was pure bliss.
Nothing nagging to be cleaned,
Or folded,
Just us.
No distractions.
Now summer is in full swing and this feels like ages ago.
The first time we used our new camper.
I desperately want to remember this first run.
Even down to the nitty gritty stuff.

Like Silas falling from the top bunk
(Never thought his railing on his top bunk at home served its purpose until this trip)
Luckily, I was below him to break his fall.....

Or waking up to the sound of a confused girl,
Realizing it was too late,
And trying to remember which way the bathroom was.
At least she got out of bed right?
Last time this happened,
We were in a tent, and Daddy was downhill.
Thankful for the new convenience of having beds and floors separated.

Watching my girl rinse pots in the river-and enjoying it!

Realizing that the kids and I can hack it in the woods alone during the day while Dad goes to work?
That was monumental for me!
I give myself extra credit for that one.

Entertaining the thought of bringing a baby camping?
Bring it!

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  1. You are so right...I love seeing my hubby with his babies truly enjoying them! I'm glad you blogged this gem, love camping!