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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's visitors.

Iron Man came to visit for New Years.
I shared earlier that we don't do Santa,
But Iron Man on New Years?
That's Waaaaaaaay different!
She even brought the Mr. with him.
And another brother.

There were multiple dollar store visits,

One more grenade in the pocket.
Even thought we were asleep by about nine o 'clock,
The first days of the 2011 were spent with sun that shined when it wanted
(making up for the broken promise of a bright for Christmas),
And no time for New resolutions.

My parents
My resolutions for 2011 include:

1. Try not to drink too much Coke.
I am officially 2 days sober,
But I think I hear Pancho's Restaurante calling my name.
That's at least 2 refills.....

2. Get better at giving Peeps their vitamins

3. Make play out of homeschooling
4. Play More.

5. Learn more about photography
6. not give up my marathon dream
Our new hammock:
The old one lasted less than a week.
We went to a hardware store and got a paint cloth and some sturdy rope.
I am currently looking for tips on tie dyeing.
Jake put two of the hooks close together so the kids could play merry-go-round
And the biggest thing about our holiday, was the break that we shared together.
Claire spent her days looking for 'Dada' every time she got dressed, had her hair done, or put shoes .
She missed his approval on her dress attire.
I missed the longing and snacks, baking with the family all around.
The great thing about being in such close quarters,
You can be doing anything pretty much anywhere in the house,
And still be connected.
I can watch t.v. with the fam. while I cook.
Or listen to the kids play while folding in the laundry room.

Having family visit, made the transition from 2010 to 2011

You'll have to forgive me,
I took a break from blogging, and I fear my writing has turned dull.


  1. I AM IRON MAN..........


  2. LOVE that pic of you and the headband! Heading into the internet free zone now - just wanted to say 'ta for now'! I'll be at the library on Thursday. xo