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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Counting down to simple.

As things are slowly but steadily starting to return back to normal this week
after Grandpa was sick,
I have gathered my thoughts, my house, my children, and priorities.
I have made lists, Checked them over and over.
I dropped off six trash bags full of stuff to the thrift store.
Simplified my meals and decided to start making food in double and triple batches to freeze some for later dates (and to send some home with Grandpa).
Last week was pretty much the longest week ever. It felt like it lasted a month!
I am happy to report, that I have regained my sanity,
and that Bob is steadily recovering. He's almost back to full speed.
This week is different.
Positively different.
While I am still purging out stuff from my house,
I am also making changes in our home life too.
Like t.v. We don't have cable, but you can imagine how many times we watch the same movies over and over.
So, No t.v. in the morning before breakfast.
Instead, we get dressed, make beds, then eat.
Can you believe how much time this saves us?
Atleast an hour.
T.v. puts the kids in a funk and makes them work uber slow and uncoordinated.
It interferes with the brain receptors, making them do things slower
than an uphill slug race.
They need some serious roto-rooter to the brain on the mornings when t.v. is allowed.
Also, we've had a rule for a while now that we don't watch t.v. until Daddy comes home from work.
Dad goes to work, we go to work. Thats how its always been.
Dad comes home, we relax. Up 'till now, this has always equaled t.v. for Peeps so Mom and Dad can get in a word.
Now, Daddy comes home, Peeps choose a game to play in the bedroom (their only time without baby Peep) and Dad and his glass of vino, sit in the kitchen with me while I finish cooking dinner.
Sounds peaceful right?
It can still be loud, and may be temporary, but I'm lovin' it.
Also, we have had more time to enjoy this nice weather we've been having.
The kids got some canvas boards for Christmas and we took off to the beach.

They found things like:
feathers, rocks, plants, sticks,
and turned them into paint brushes.
Included in the agenda of my decluttering lifestyle,
We will be utilizing my ever so expensive,
Kitchen Aid timer.
There was a time in our lives when money flowed free-er
And 17$ was worth getting my favorite brand of kitchen appliance.
Not any more.
I remember those days and sig, wondering how much of that could have gone to this or that,
But instead, It has cluttered my home, and out of desperation, I am donating it all.

The timer is a love hate thing for the kids.
They love beating the timer when there's a job to complete.
I love when they beat the timer with a job because it means they're doing what they're supposed to do.
Its a hate thing when they're feeling lazy, and five minutes isn't long enough to

I too have become slower and lazier with my time on a job,
Taking twice as long, and missing out on my chillins'
So, as I type, my house is clean, laundry is almost done, girls are sleeping,
Silas's is whittling at a stick,
And I nearby outside (thank goodness for laptops and wireless Internet)
Am blogging and lovin' on the sunshine.

Ask me how its going next week.
Seriously, I need the encouragement.

This painting day was so cool.
It is always interesting to see the likes and dislikes of the kids.
I parked Claire in the sand, and sat the big Peeps on a rock above to paint.
Claire wanted up, Silas wanted down.
He was more into turning sticks into guns and saving the world.
I figured that Claire would atleast eat a handful fo sand and want to come up the rocks to poke around.
Apparently she is more of a people person than that.
Love that child.
Lauren kept saying,
"One more paint, then I will get down and take care of Claire".
She's such a little mommy,
She's like a hen to her chicks,
Bossy, protective and knows whats What.
A good little Mommy.

I fear I have lost too much of my kids to the things that busy me.
Things I don't really want to do but need to get done.
I declare no more!
There will be a lot of batteries necessary to replenish my timer.
There will be much restraint needed to make me not throw it across the room...
I will conquer this one.
My timer is my friend, my timer is my friend, my timer is my friend.....


  1. Love this one Holly...glad to see that you are getting back into your regular groove. Can't wait to see some of these precious works of art grace my walls at home. Love to you, Jake and the Peeps. xoxoxo Renee

  2. wonderful post Holly. We have been praying for you all. Myself, it seems that we are3 out of our funk a bit with some days where the sun actually shined...and kids could go outside to play. Praise the Lord Bob is doing better...will keep praying for total healing. I love you honey. You are such a good mommy!