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Monday, November 1, 2010

Walla Walla time.

I had forgotten about all of the open ranges and flat lands that make the drive from Jake's Mom's house to my Mom's house so beautiful.
Again, Fall makes it even more captivating.
The air was so clear and crisp yesterday morning for the drive,
Just looking at it was refreshing.
The old farm houses are dreamy.
We took a detour down memory lane,
This is the building that housed all my 4H meetings as a girl.
We were Valley Chapel Boots and Jeans.
The building is at least hundred years old,
But I would guess a couple hundred sounds about right,
It smelled of old wood and creaked like a grandma's rocking chair.
I have vivid memories of chili feeds here.
It smelled of old wood and chili
I can still smell it.

We also made a detour to Jake's old family homestead,
But that deserves it's own post.

Uncle Nick giving Silo a spin on his long board.

Claire's Great Grandpa thought she was the bee's knee's.
Because she is!
She loves keeping her options open,
Getting passed around is the name of her game.
Pioneer Park.
Stunning on its own,
spectacular when fall arrives.
The old cannon read:
"The gratitude of one's country,
Is the greatest reward
It's defender can receive."
The park has a wonderful bird aviary
With exotic ducks, peacocks,
and other birds that were very intriguing to the Peeps.
Still not as much fun as the playground though.

Lastly and the best part,
They had their first encounter with an
Ice Cream Truck!!!!
Everything we ordered was out of stock,
But we managed to find something to suit the taste buds.
And plopped down for some curb time.
Normally We don't do ice cream before dinner,
But Pizza is not much better for a person than ice cream right????

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