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Monday, November 1, 2010

How to catch a rabbit.....

First you need a domesticated rabbit
(not rabid of course) on the loose.
Perfect opportunity.
Uncle Nick and Lauren on a quest to get that 'waskaly wabbit'
Make sure to wear your boots, and bring your handbag,
just in case its a girl bunny.
We chased the crazed animal all over Grandma's
front yard and part of her back yard.
I think it was a girl bunny,
Because Lauren was the first brave one to make contact this time.
I made Uncle Nick pick it up,
just in case it was a tame looking ferrel rodent ;).
Trying to get in a good pet,
Poor Uncle Nicky's top layer of skin was shredding
In the rabbits talons.
That's sacrifice.
What a good Uncle.
Now theres a life lesson for ya.
Dress cute because you never know when you might need to woo a wabbit.
Bring a man along to take care of the dirty work.


  1. The picture of her with the bunny is so cute. What a beauty she is!