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Saturday, October 16, 2010

House guests

We don't get stay-in guests very often.
But this weekend was a change.
Our little pint sized guest was Silas' friend
and accomplice for round about 36 hours.
(I had to open 4 packets of Cheez-Its just to find a "J" Guess I can thank the 'used food' store for that one)
First things first. I wooed the boys with
meat cheese and crackers.
On a platter.
The way to a man's heart.

They were especially excited to see
Bear meat
and Deer meet.
Pretty sure that was a first for Jacob.
Bear sticks.

I think it worked.

They even drank out of
'king goblets'

Fishing on the river.
It was our out.
Fits in the 'Fun For Cheep Cheep!' category
I just have to say,
*In the sweetest tone ever*....
Four kids is a doozy.

Jacob scored the only fish this day.
According to the man child,
it was his first experience ever.
I must say,
He is a pro at casting and waiting.
The only patience I have ever seen in the boy was
When he was waiting for the fish to bite.
He didn't want to stop after this.
He asked all weekend to go fishing again.
And I wanted to take him
Again and Again.

His spontaneous and and demonstrative personalities
were hardly contained when added to my incredibly
effervescent Peeps.
Oh by the way:
Its the most exciting (and for Jacob, curious)

Fishing trip a boy will ever have.
I was thrilled to be able to share that with him.

The first night of sleep (or sleep-less),
The noise maker broke down.
Four kids in one room
With no background noise?
Let me set the stage:
For those of you who don't know,
Our house is 500 square feet or something like that.
I may be exaggerating with this one.
Not quite sure because I was never good with math or measurements,
Or a lot of other things,
But I am likely to guess something to be 50 feet,
When really its more like 150 feet.

the direction I was aimlessly shooting for,
Was that my house is immeasurably small,
I can't measure.

No background noise
Meant the kids were in bed by 8,
But asleep by 10,
And awake by 5.
Silas and Lauren on top bunk,
Jacob riding solo on bottom,
And Claire in her pack-n-play
Because I still have not found the bag of screws
To assemble her crib with.

Needles to say,
The beach was our second "fall back" location.
It was a great night.
Weather was awesome.

Silas announced he wants a brother named
I am not planning on giving birth to a goat any time ever,
So he may end up heartsick.
Sorry boy.
Jacob comes out with:
" I wish the whole world were made of candy!"
"I love your living room, can we eat in it someday?"
Here are the reasons we decided the world should not be made of candy:
1. We might eat the world and have to move to the moon
2. There aren't any trees on the moon.
No air.
( Impressive right?)
3. The sun might melt the candy
4. If the sun melted the candy, We would be walking on a
sticky ground.
That gets old.
Experience talking here.
-Mom again

That's about all I remember.
It was an intelligent conversation indeed.I wish I had a paper to write down every funny thing those boys said to each other,
But I didn't, and maybe that was meant to be too.

On our last morning having Jacob,
I was to take hime to school, and our visit would be done.
His mom was on her way back into town, and we would not be needed anymore.
He asked about 20 times on the way to school: "Can I come back after school?"
Ahhh, the cheese and crackers did work!
I reminded him that
Grandpa was to pick him up after school.
I was a little contented that he was not happy with this,
Realizing that I was cooler than his Grandpa.

I just couldn't resist, taking a picture of him just before I dropped him off for school.
He just looked so stinkin' cute.
Plus, It was my first time dropping a kid off for school,
And that is surely picture worthy.
Look at the cute reflection in the window!

The weekend was a success.

sometimes disorderly,

And time-outs were had all around,

But it was achieved,

And I walk away with memories,

And no regrets.


  1. This has to be, by far, the cutest blog of yours yet (and my kido happends to be in it-bonus 4 me). You are so great Holly but I think you've ruined every future sitters efforts for life with the whole catching fish and eating bear thing, he want me to run another Marathon just so he can stay with you guys again. Thank you so much my friend.

  2. such a great blog post Holly. what wonderful little men they are!

  3. Very cool Holly....