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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bone Collector

Rico found another bone today.
The boy collects them like a girl collect flowers
Or pony figurines.
I am picturing my south of the border family
using their hand sanitizer while reading.
The disgust at the thought.
I admit,
I have yet to touch the thing.
Because I agree, Its gross.

But really,
Its been picked clean and dry.
I love how it makes him feel.
He's invincible
He offered to protect me with it.

Its about the experience.

Banjo bone.

How am I supposed to argue with this?


  1. It's a bone of WHAT???
    I have to admit I find it a bit odd that such a young boy would be so fond of bones. But that's OK. Love him anyway. :)

  2. COOL! Yes Holly you are correct...your south of the border family is sending you a case of hand sanitizer! Ha..ha... I love it Silas! I especially like the banjo bone! XOXOXO