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Saturday, October 9, 2010

endless cookies,for the sake of some art.

Its that time of the month again.
Art walk Saturday!
Every Second Sat. of the month,
I try to take one of my chillin's
on a special walk around the down town art show.
This month was with My most favorite big girl.
In my most favorite room.
This was seriously posed,
But I knew that
I would be behind the camera the rest of the night.
In case you're wondering,
There is no place in town that
can deny a child like this.
Her looks get her free stuff all the time.
Its a great way to be I suppose.
If you got it, you got it right?
This was an unusual Art Walk for us.
Everyone was interested in her as usual,
But they also felt compelled to show and explain their art to her too.
She met a lot of friendly strangers,
That showed her a lot of interesting things.
She is stranger to no one she meets
She picks up on no social cues of rejection.
An 'awkwardly annoyed by kids' person comes our way,
And she has no clue because she has been so puffed up and encouraged
by the vast majority of society.
She has no problems stating that she's
too cute for her rain boots.
Facts are facts.
Blown glass art.
They were so sweet to her, I almost bought something.

I did buy this:
I think I may have been suckered on this one.
Ten bucks.
No corks.
But let me explain:
They're vintage,
Super cute,
I am going to widdle some wine corks
they'll plug the holes right up.
Plus I had a gift certificate
So they cost
my friend ten bucks.
Love friends AND gift certificates.

On with the Walk.
I fell in love with this painting.
So much so, that I am trying to figure out how to
scrounge up the cash.
Someone tell me it's not worth it,
Because I can tell you all the reasons why it is.
This would be great in The Peeps room.
You can't tell from the picture,
But the canvas is a burlap sack.
The texture in the painting is delightful.
I think If I cashed in all my cans,
and turned my coins in on bank day,
I might have half of what it takes to win this prize.
In high school
I spontaneously did a
voluntary project for sociology.
I went around asking random people
If they had a quarter to spare.
The project was in their reaction.
Some people asked why,
Some felt awkward and gave it up.
Very few people actually said no.
I collected like five dollars in quarters.
Pretty profitable
Considering the average
pizza pocket and fries lunch costs 1.75.
In case you had doubts,
The sociology class was not just in my head.
It was a real class
with grades and everything.
I was not all mooch though.
I actually made a point after that
to give people spare change
When I overheard them getting
turned down by someone else.
Everyone mooches now and then in high school.
Our favorite Ace lady makes jewelry on the side.

Tipping the pianist.
My kids never turn me down for a good art walk.
Every vendor has food.
Usually both sweet and savory.
Lauren finds all the sweet
And swoops in for refills
While I try to cover and make it look like
we're actually there for the art.
it was also Oktoberfest this weekend,
hence the German attire.
The only way to participate was to be in the Beer garden.
I improvised and lured a
properly dressed waitress
Out for a picture.
She had me make it up to her by selling me a cookie for 2 dollars.
This was after the four cookies (each) that we had just gotten for free.
These pictures are memories
of a night that easily would have been forgotten.
Totally worth the 2 $.
Plus it said "I like you" or something like that
(written in German).

Lauren my SWEET Lauren.
You make my heart glad.
The best shopping buddy a Momma could have.
Love you,
My little Sweety Poke


  1. What a wonderful post. I can see why Miss Lauren get so much free stuff. She is just too darn cute. How could ANYONE resist that precious smile?? The photo of her with the umbrella should be entered in a contest.
    Thanks for sharing Holly.
    Love you

  2. Hey Hollz ~ send Grandma the pic of the Pheasants and I'd bet she could and would paint it in a heartbeat!!!!!