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Friday, October 8, 2010

Amelia Bedelia and Lemon Meringue.

I have recently found a new love:
Books on tape.
My discovery couldn't have come at a better time
Because I am on my fifth day of the worst sore throat ever.
Five days and counting.
debilitating head cold.
Don't ask me when I gave a bath last.
I am not to blame for my
Or my hair.
I am getting it cut on Wednesday.
It's back to
'flowing in the wind'.
When we were at the library going through books
I came across this one:
It instantly reminded me
Of reading the series as a girl,
I snatched it up
Knowing Lauren would be hooked like I was...
In the book Amelia Bedelia made a lemon meringue pie.
It ended up saving her job.
For a more detailed description,
bed time stories are played here at 7:45 pm.
Silas took a keen interest in the pie.
He was especially delighted in the thinking
That there was lemon ice cream in the filling.
I decided we should try making one.
Another baking project that I had yet to try.
So we did it.
Because of the mysterious and unexplained peril
That had recently come upon my throat,
We made the gram cracker crust the first day,
And the pie on the second day.
Squeezing the juice from the lemons.

Baking has become the new math
In the Pieper house.

He turns on the digital oven,
Measures and identifies cup measurements,
sounds out words/ingredients,
Learns to clean up and re-measure spilled milk
This was a freak Lemon Meringue recipe.

'denture friendly'
Lemon soup
Was more like it.

It came out like a flood when we cut into it.
I had a super sweet
not so healthy
genius idea though.

'Lemon Merengay la Oatsay'
(runny pie on oat meal)
Breakfast here we come!
Whisking the meringue

What a guy.

Not too pretty,
But dancing with flavor.
That's all that I ask,
That no matter the outcome,
It will be eaten or used to make something else.
Not wasted.
Oh so proud of the outcome.
Even Corn dog joined the party.
And yes he served us up too.
A gentleman in the making.
I could use a little bit of help with a new recipe.
I would love to host a recipe from a family member or fellow blogger.
Send me a picture too if you will.


  1. I have one for you. I make it every year at thanksgiving. always yummy. So you know you will get to taste it first hand this November.

  2. the only thin i can suggest as a non desert guy is to pipe the topping one the pie with a fairly large star tip and then get brother jakes blow torch and "scald" the tops ever so lightly giving it an alomost burnt marshmalow look, ...it's what the pro's do anyway, I'll try too see if i can senda pic from work today