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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fires, too close to home.

Yesterday, We were coming home from Coos Bay (Its a 2 hr. drive).
Everything was smooth sailing with kids (and grandpa)
-except for the Wendy's we ate.
Seriously it had been several months since I had eaten fast food.
Lord-Willing, it will be several more before I eat the stuff again.

Anyway, If we had not stopped for that gut rot of a meal,
we would not have been stopped here:

There was a major fire in the town closest to Brookings.
A large semi was overturned.
The fire from the semi ignited brush on both sides of the highway.
The winds spread the flames in no time.
We were first stopped at about three o'clock in the afternoon.
Thankfully it was on CPH and we were near a sight seeing turn-off.
The kids got out their wiggles:
After about an hour of following the local updates by radio,
we realized we would be here for a while.

For the sake of our sanity, we turned around and went back to Gold Beach (the nearest town North).

We picked up some food from the deli, and hit the park.
I must admit, we were not as happy to be there as the pictures might suggest.
The kids had a blast and not a care was found among them,
But we had just finished a tough day, and were ready to be home.

I got to shoot some pics of the kids on some really cool nostalgic toys.
It almost made the delay worth it.

There's a reason see saw's are scarce in parks the days.
Lauren almost got her teeth knocked out a few times.
All the while,
Daddy sits in the car listening for updates on the road conditions...
Crows get into the pasta salad.....
I find out Lauren was eating the cherry pits...
We loaded up into the car, set out to find a hotel room for the night.
Did I mention grandpa was with us?

three adults three kids 2 queen beds.
You do the math, because I just couldn't.

Rolling into town, three hotels in a row.....
After much deliberation, we decide to wait in line again,
hoping to be let through sometime tonight.
Maybe catch some zzzzz's in the car.
Its gonna be a while..............
Then, to our surprise,
45 min. Later, were let through.
first our side, then the opposing.
Finally, our side again,
and we get let through.

Its approx 8:30 pm, 5 1/2 hrs after we arrived.
Were homeward bound!
Going through the smoke was tough.
It was like a camp smoke smell times a million
And the burn was devastating to the foliage.
This was years of gorgeous scenery, gone.
Such a tragedy.
Smoke over the ocean. The man who was driving the semi truck was killed in the accident.
Please remember his wife and family as they grieve.
There were others severely injured in the accident.

I think the families could use our support in prayers for their comfort.

So glad to be home safe.

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  1. O.k. first, LOL at your experience. At least the kids had fun! :)
    Second, I'm so sorry about the driver. How tragic.
    Layton kept looking at the pictures and saying, "What is Lauren DOING??"