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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mom: Happy Birthday!

How is it being 50? I'd like to know. Are your knees knocking today?
Did you know that the post office would not let me mail prune juice
because when it ferments, its considered hazardous?
Write it down Ma because you'll probably start forgetting things now.
Man I hope you can still laugh at my jokes now that your 50.
Just don't let your teeth spit out when your laughing.

Just kidding. I hope your birthday party was a blast and I am sorry
we couldn't make it up for it.
Here are your pictures:
Can you believe? Only nine months ago....
Pretty bird.......

Gamma, we miss you!!!! Where did you go?
Our river adventure last night, pictures just for you!

I got a new helmet and a bell from my scooter. I love you Grandma! I had cake for your birthday! Happy Birthday! Love you.
Silas, kissing the salamander that is supposed to be poisonous.
Getting brave in the river!
Dear Grandma,
Every time it is your birthday, you can call and I will sing Happy Birthday to you. We loved our Cake for your birthday! Any time its your birthday, and you need something to be done, don't worry, cause I can take care of it. All the day, its your Birthday! I love you like you love me!
Mom, I hope your day will be a little bit better because you know the Pieps love you!

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  1. OMG! These are beautiful pictures and sentiments! Where's the picutres of their beautiful mama? : ) Need to see you too! 50 seems to be o.k., so far! Knees aren't knocking, teeth still in and the notepad is right next to me! Where's my prune juice tho ; ) Love you so much Holly ~ Thanks for thinking of me today! hopefully I can get pics up from my birthday soon!