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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Mini muffin maker

I am sitting here on a Tuesday, parked on the couch.... probably for the remainder of the day, with my sick baby boy. Every one's a baby at the Pieper homestead when they're sick. Silas has been threatening to throw up all morning. He's burning up, and he says his legs hurt. Poor baby.

His movie of choice this morning is from the original King Kong series called Son of Kong. All he wants is for his Momma to sit with him. I love that.

So today, no school, dishes, cleaning of any sorts, just a sit. I am not particularly interested in the Kong, but I gotta sit by my boy. I would love to share a pic of how miserably cute he looks asleep by my lap, but my camera battery is dead. He is all bundled up in his no-tie blanket from Grandma Renee. I know he would love for ANY of his collection of Grandma's to come craddle him right now.
Once again, I am so happy for my laptop. I don't have to watch the movie and am trying my best to block out the sound....
Remember to pray for my Man Cub if your up for it.
Other things happening around the house: Rainclouds (outside), Laurens playing with her homemade play dough, and Claire is cooing in her bed playing with a toy, waiting for me to pick her up from her nap. I have a warm boy laying snuggled up beside me falling in and out of sleep.
Its a great day for a new post.
I am to pleased to share pictures of our new dishes!
The hunt has become somewhat addicting to me. So, here's what we found:

These cuties are from our favorite store, Feather Your Nest. How sweet is that name? The ladies there love Lauren (who doesn't?) and she always manages to charm them enough to cause them to impulsively give her something. The adorable vintage mini muffin pan was waiting behind the counter (really! They brought it in with her in mind!) just for her. She loves their gifts and they love her rain boots.

I absolutely love small town spirit.

These items were
amazing finds from a rummage sale at our local performing arts theatre

We got these dishes, costumes, and other misc. items (hit up their charity bake sale),
during the
bag sale extravaganza!
everything came added up to a whoppin' 2$

(brownies sold separately)

the most interesting item I saw there was one 18 pack of farm fresh eggs that said:
"3.50. 18 eggs. chickens well loved"

Not sure I'm ready to buy eggs at a rummage sale.


And these were sent from Great Grandma L.

with love.

This bunt pan is probably 4 in around and just as sweet as sugar.

Lauren was in her room today sauteing a wooden loaf of bread, veggies, and a cupcake ( for a pinch of sweet).

Seeing her enjoy the fun inexpensive super cute kitchen, just fueled my addiction to keep adding to the collection.

Thank you baby for being a girl after my own heart.


  1. Great Grandma L.June 9, 2010 at 5:56 AM

    I'm so sorry to hear that Silas is under the weather. I know how comforting Grandma Renee's blanket is. She made one for me too so I know he is cozy. I'm saying a little pray for a quick recovery right now........................Amen! Please give him a little kiss from me right on his precious forehead.

    I am so glad Lauren loves her dishes. I would be so excited for her to bring me a little cake that she has backed when you come down next time. I think she deserves a little kiss on the cheek just for being so sweet and loving the dishes I sent.
    Claire is so adorable with her big bright blue eyes, how could I not send her a kiss too. One just for being so darn cute.
    I remember watching King Kong when I was little, late at night with my Dad. He was the only one who would let us watch such scary stuff and we loved it along with the big bowl of ice cream he always served with the movie. I must say as an adult.... I'm not to fond of it anymore either so I'm glad you had your computer to send this heart warming message to me.

  2. We'll be praying for Silas. All your kitchen finds are adorable! :)