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Friday, January 4, 2013

Musings of Christmas.

A quick recap on the few items I managed to capture from a wonderfully busy December.
Our advent was a little out of sorts this year.
I planned out the first half of December,
Stayed up way too late,
Stuffed the crisp, caredully folded stationary papers made just for the little sack
(Did anyone fall for that one? More like scratch papers and coloring pages wadded up with barely legible chicken sratch)
Crawled into bed,
 and realized it was a  huge waste of time.
How in the world was I supposed to plan out fifteen days,
When I can't even plan out the meals for a week?!
So I unloaded the sacks, and held on to the papers.
Most nights, It was like this:
Figure out which one fits best and try not to let kids (who are increasingly becoming more keen on their  observations) see you stuff it in the sacks.
After the fifteen days were up,
Every night was a panic.
We managed to bust out some pretty fun stuff though like:
Buy a new star for the tree.
Hide and seek in the dark- find the star the wise men followed (using our handy new tree topper)
  put candy canes on tree
Take yummies to neighbors new and old
PJ Story time at library,
Christmas lights
Birthday cake for Jesus
Polar Express party With tickets and all.
Grahm cracker houses
Choosing Ornaments at pharmacy
I mean really, What cold be more fun? 
All the while,
this little snowball kept chunkin'
Does he not just look like the red-headed step child here?
 Its definitely the lighting.
he's not this red!

So with pictures in backwards order here.
this is what he started out the Christmas season looking like: 
A baby turtle.

How does time fly so fast?
It sure does make for random sporadic posts-
About as messy as the living room floor,

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