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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Catch All.

I have no stinkin' idea why my blogs won't center anymore.
Plus, spell check doesn't work.
Bare with me here.
Its a joke....... get it?
Let me know...

My computer also has a mountain of viruses.
Its supposed to be better
Meaning I can blog more frequently,
because I shouldn't get booted of the net.
Making me want to throw my computer on the floor.
My 'A' button now sticks thankyouverymuch

Id like to re-cap on the great things I didn't get to post wilst my computer was sick.

1. guess this berry:
Any idea?
New discovery.

How about a Madrone berry?

Looks straight from Mario Brothers right?

I couldn't help but post this creepy picture of my boy in such an awkward light.

Cracks me up.

The homeschool group visited an outdoor wildlife school.

Made complete with a couple of Rangers. The wildest part of this trip was that

I could totally picture Silas as a ranger.

They really liked each other.

Not exactly the dream his Daddy had for his only son. HA!

The theme of the trip was called 'forest needs'

All the things the forest needs to be.... well, the forest.

They gave everyone a magnifying glass.

Pure genius.


The soccer season came and went like a flash.

Silas was a total leader, and a team player.

Lauren came in like thunder,

Then, after a while, she always ended up playing goalie.

She didn't know that 'goalies' were against the rule for her age group.

And I didn't ever get a chance to tell her.

Also, she loved her time spent on the bench.

Now the hard question is choosing which sport to choose.

Soccer or t-ball?

I'm singin "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" ya know?

Ultimately, its up to them.

Its so great to be able to post past events.

It makes me realize that we actuall DO get out!

That school really DOESN't consume our lives!

We can do COOL!

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