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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Picnics and ribs.

We have spent the last few weeks busier than a whirlwind
Swim lessons, scooter rides turned to all day adventure, Family, family and more family visits.

Festivals, parades, watermelon, scraped knees, camping, staying up way too late.

I'm afraid summers half over already.

That's because I guess for school kids

-dare I say..... it really is.

I'm thanking my lucky stars to be officially homeschooling a real live grade school kid this fall.
Seriously it may not even begin until this fall.

I've declared this summer the summer of Picnics and ribs.

Feel free to join.

I am venturing into the world of cooking ribs.

It's gotta be done.

Picnics have become a new hobby.

Like real picnic's.

With a basket and blanket.

There's just nothing better than a good picnic basket (or two..thanks Dad).

I guess the only thing better is when the kids get into the spirit.

They pack the basket whenever and wherever we plan on going.

Seriously... like excessively.

Silas is my picnic wing man.

That boy can pack a mean basket.

Life begins every morning when we step outside.

Were sun bathed more often

Than actually bathed.


July 5Th 2011

Is officially the day of rest.

Every Peep and their Mom laid down for some shut eye.

Maybe soon, an actual blog update can happen.
Not today, were resting.
and resting.

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