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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The luck of the Slavik.

That's my Brother.

Visiting from South of the border.

When he's not busy doing....

Whatever it is that 16 year olds do,

He's out catching crazy critters.
With a passion for catching all things in the sea,
and the luck of his Yugoslavian heritage (added for drama).
Given a line, he becomes a catching machine.

Kid sized catches.

Keeper crabs.

Being shown how to clean them.

A sorry first stab at cleaning them himself.

He was still getting pinched when the crabs were in the sink,

Cut in half!
That's good, cheap entertainment.

Apparently the crabs tendons weren't ready to give up the fight.

So tonight, everything was fresh from the sea,

Cooked by Little Bother,

And smothered in mayonnaise dip,

Made by Little Brother.

On the middle plate:

Those are beer battered and deep fried

Lil' smokies.

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