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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sid Sawyer

Silas just finished his first play production called "Tom Sawyer Pirate"
He played the obnoxious tattle tale little brother, Sid.
I reckon he was the cutest little snitch this side of the Mississippi.
This was an awesome experience for him.
He made new friends, found new confidence,
And the program cost zero to participate
(Aside from the fifty bucks we dropped for admission to everyone of his shows)
He memorized a ton of lines for a five year old,
And played his goody tushu part like it was the real thing.
So here I am a'beamin bout my little Siddy Sawyer,
Whilst recolectin' the days of theatre in the bayou.
Yer Mama's proud of ya boy, and don't you ferget et.

Here's a little goody that I just came across while clearing out my camera.

This song originally was recorded to show Uncle Chris what a cool guy his nephew is. They have since gotten a chance to meet each other.

It is a little hard to see because of the glare and busy background.Those were the days of the t.v remodel. So glad that's over!


  1. Wow- now that video can be used against him as an adult! ;) He was FABULOUS as Sid Sawyer! So glad we got to see it.

  2. Hi Holly,
    I'm sure Silas did a fantastic job in his play. Tell him congratulations on a job well done from his Grandma!!