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Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the Spirit of Fall

We visited two pumpkin patches this week!
I do love a good pumpkin patch!

The first one was with the local homeschooling group. We were fortunate enough to meet up with Heather and the kids.. and let me tell ya, that's luck! There's almost always something in the way of
Meeting up With Heather and the fam.
Baby Mason is a couple months younger than Claire.

He saved this pumpkin from the pumpkin hoodlum!?
He's just about to mash it to pieces
with his brute force.
Like those evangelical guys on t.v.
Who'll rip a whole telephone book in half,
All with their bare hands.
It took everything in me to get this picture
to come out as good as it did.
Claire's just so busy!


The people running the show passed out pumpkin muffins.
The rooster was the One Bird Clean-Up Crew
This first was a ton of fun.
Free muffins and cider,
pumpkins for a nickel
(the farmers last name is Nichol.. Cute right?)
Unfortunately, we were limited to one pumpkin per child,
And they had to be able to carry it out by themselves.
We need way more than three.

So we went to another local pumpkin patch.
This one was sentimental for me because last year this time,
We came here with Grandma Renee,
and a brand new Baby Claire.
It was her first major "outing".
Her first trip without the receiving blanket
Covering her in her car seat .
I should have planned better and found a picture,
Next time.

Lauren was so sweet,
At both places, she chose the cute small ones.
It was sweet to see something different in her choices.
Something other than the biggest and heaviest,
know what I'm saying?

Silas truly played the knight in shining armor this day,
he walked around with the clippers,
cutting all of his friends pumpkins off the vines for them.
He was also proud to give them instructions saying:
" Don't hold them by the stems or it'll brake off!"
He was the only boy,
And he ate it up.
such a stud.

Now I think I am going to have to go search out
Those pumpkin patch pics from last year.

I am such a blubber bag when it comes to my kids' and old pictures.
Thanks again Daddy for the great camera.

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