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Thursday, October 28, 2010

13 hours in the car....

Today was an incredibly successful,
Absolutely beautiful
Breathtaking drive.
The view from Oregon to Washington is unparallelled
When driven in the fall.
Right now,
Everyone is posting about their obsessions with fall...
Honestly, I wasn't feeling it.
Brookings has this weird habit of omitting seasons.
Its just perpetual stages of spring.
Spring Showers,
Spring blooms,
Spring hail,
And the fluke spring days where you get snow.
Not too many changing leaves.
Its good to feel the fever.
The changing colors were
a full spectrum of of the reds, greens, oranges, and yellow
That lead to winter.
The greenest rest stop I have ever seen....
Last night, We got packed up,
Last night, in preparation,
I was all packed (before midnight),
I saved us a buck by planning out dinner,
Put the Peeps to bed early so they would wake up early,
all the ducks in a row,
Then Lauren decides to toss her cookies.
Along with everything else in her stomach.
Thus began the saga,
All night long,
fever, chucking, bath, repeat.

Silas' bird made from his sandwich foil.

The whole day, Lauren was a trooper.
she only purged once, made it directly in the bowl and nowhere else,
And just in time for a gas station exit.
Thank you Jesus it wasn't in the boonies (without running water)

We planned a sight seeing adventure to Multnomah Falls.
I planned ahead and rented library books on waterfalls.

Key words:
Waterfall, dams, electricity, glaciers.

Quite insightful.
Did you know that the tallest waterfall in the world
is rarely seen by man because it is so deep in the Venezuela jungle?

The tunnel under the highway.

You don't see tunnels like this anymore.
The glossy white tiles were stunning to look at.
The crazy thing about it was that they were all perfectly white.

The second bridge was for trains,

And we just happened to get lucky.

My man-cub was uncontrollably

beside himself with jumping jacks of joy.

The leaves were larger- than- face sized.
All perfectly intact and turning at their own pace.
It was obvious that the bridge was built a long long time ago.
Its almost mysterious taking a look at the past.
The mist from the waterfall was enough to romance any girl
into feeling like Rose from Titanic.
I had brief memories of feeling this way as a girl.
Okay seriously, there was a 40 or 50 ft drop
In this picture of Silas.
There were no ropes or guards to keep us back.
Of course Rico had to stick his head through it.
The structure looked like it hadn't been touched since the day it was built.
Some of it is in ruins.
All my Peeps.
Lauren, sweety poke,
You were a champ today.
You wear a sick face
That melts any heart.
Thank you for being such a trooper today.
I am so proud of you.


  1. Looks like fun. I hope Layton wasn't the one who got her sick. He did have that low grade fever both Sunday and Monday night and Mason started a fever yesterday. Ugh.
    Hope that she is feeling better today. Enjoy WA!

  2. Great photos,,,,,,,makes me feel connected, thanks for sending them....

  3. Wow! That first picture is so beautiful Holly. Your words are beautiful to in describing the whole ordeal. I absolutely love the pic of you and the kids with the tall bridge in the back ground. Surely that isn't Jake in the back ground standing on that bridge with his arms held out is it? HAHA!

    Silas did a good job making the bird out of foil. He is such a talented boy.Poor Lauren. I hope she is feeling better. It's not much fun to travel when sick.
    Hope your travels are safe ones. Enjoy!!
    Love you,