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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Weekend........

We went camping.
Yes again.
It was our last planned trip of the summer.
Hopefully there will be a couple of last minute getaways,
but no guarantees.

Lauren used a bike with training wheels for the first time.
She was awesome at it.
The shirt my Grandma made for Claire.
Claire Great Grandma made it.

I got the idea for making hoola hoops from my long distance friend
Daddy brought some pipe from work,
And I found decorative duct tape at Ace.
Silas learned to ride without training wheels.
He rode 'till his legs hurt
then rode some more.
And nearly gave his Daddy a heart attack.
I'm not sure if it was because of the fear for his son's life
or all the running.Oh how I will miss camping land.
Where babies stay in their jammies all day,
There's time for reading a cookbook or two.
Ice cream for breakfast.
bathing in the river.
Catching and eating.
Doing nothing....


  1. Holly,
    Lauren's hair is so cute in these pictures. The look on Silas's face when Dad was pushing him... tongue hanging out was priceless. Claire's chunky little legs are so adorable in the pic of her sitting on the rocks. She will be half grown before we get to see her and love on her. These pictures will be treasured by your children for the rest of their lives. They will help them remember all these special times you and Jake are providing for them.
    Loving you much,

  2. Cant resist giving you a hard time..... In Oregon does everyone that rides bikes where a life jacket........