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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best weekend

I last blogged about having my brother in town. My children had never met him (it had been five years etc. etc.). Well, I didn't mention that he wasn't the only one who came to see us. We went from a five person squeeze to a nine person tango.
Claire and Grandpa Dave
We got out and did more things in five days than we probably do in a month. This is no surprise though because for once in our lives, there were more adults than there were Peeps! We went to the boardwalk, and scootered, ate more bread sticks than our stomachs were ever supposed to consume in a single setting, and my brother kareoke'd Michael Jackson.

Complete with dance moves and all. I was busy watching (wondering how Brookings would ever recover) and didn't get any great pictures.
He's Bad.

Pizza and music at the Port.

Hobo fort on the beach.
Chris took my two older kids to the skate park. We spent all morning there. They were so good on their scooters. I spent the whole morning wondering how I had never thought to bring them there before that day. Seriously, if you have a local skate park, take your toddlers! I think I am correct in assuming most skaters to sleep in till two in in the afternoon (we had the park to ourselves almost the whole time!) Something I know we'll do again soon.
I swear he's gonna be an underwear model.

As always, I was trying to create a photable moment (is that a word?), and the boys always screw off. I decided to count my losses and hope for at least one good pic here.
I was surprised to find these ones. I think they're great! The only thing that's a little off here, is that I think Chris was tickling Jake's neck here. Didn't quite know how to handle that one.
Gettin' in some G-ma love.
Yes, that's my hot Mom.
I couldn't believe how nice the weather was during the visit. We kayaked and boogie boarded at
my father in law's spot on the river.

He rocked her to sleep a few nights for me. Okay I shouldn't say "rocked". You really just have to pin her down and wait for her to give in to the sleep monster.
The story with the rosary is actually a pretty funny one. My Grandma is devout catholic. She's really thoughtful in many ways. Chris says that she gave him this rosary when he got his motor cycle. She begged him to not ever take it off especially when he rides. Its his chest armor.

Checking out the tide pools. There were so many starfish out that day. The tide was really low.

Lauren rock climbing. Her first time. It was the dang cutest thing. The ropes gave a 25 lb. resistance, so her feet were rarely on the ground.

Grandpa Dave, pointing out all the good spots for us to climb.
Silas went too. He made it about twice as far as he had the year before.
Baby steps.

The trip meant so much to me for so many reasons. I got to see my kids' face when they met my big brother for the first time. He was so good with the kids.
I got to cook in large quantities. It didn't always turn out right, but I had fun!
My little brother (Dr. Pepper) is going into the Air Force in September and I'm not quite sure when we will all see him next. It was a blast having everyone together again.
Things don't usually work out where everone comes to us and we have ZERO traveling time.
"Family is Life, the rest is just details...."
posted on Facebook by my big brother during his visit to OrEgon


  1. Holly, your blog is amazing, as is your beautiful family. I can't believe how big Lauren and Silas are, and Claire is absolutely beautiful too. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well :)

  2. Had fun visiting here (blog)!!! It was nice seeing the family together, especially when you have such a great one....Joanie

  3. Holly as always your pictures and blog are amazing! I love the picture at the end when you are all together. It is a treasure. Chris is still talking about how cute the kids are and what a great time you all had which makes me miss you all so much! Love you!!!! Renee