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Friday, July 9, 2010

Grandma gifts

This post is dedicated to Grandma Renee,
because today is her birthday and because she deserves the best.
Grandma Nee, here are the flowers the kids picked for you today.....
They chose and cut them all by themselves..... alone......
Claire's gift to you is a big slobbery suck on the cheek
(redeemable when you get here....or by skype)
Jake said he sent you an e-mail, so he's covered,

Here's my gift:

Basic brown rice recipe:
I know its a little silly, but this is our favorite rice. Its a little like Rice-a-roni,
but with a whole lot more love in it.
I think you will like it because its a sinch to make, and its very versatile
(and oh so tasty!)

4 c. beef/chicken broth
3 T butter
2 c. brown rice
2T garlic powder
1T onion flakes
optional: any fresh herb from the garden/ Italian herb blend (dried)

grease 8 in casserole dish (or dutch oven with lid) with butter.

Bring broth and butter to a boil
Add garlic, onion, and any other seasonings
Place rice in casserole dish
Pour boiling broth mixture over top, stir
Cover with dutch oven lid or aluminum foil
(I actually have a glass Pyrex bowl with a lid that I use)
Bake at 375 on center rack for about an hour and 10 minutes

I usually make this with BBQ chicken
extra and use leftovers can be made into rice and chicken wraps (everyone loves this),
quiche filling, soups, casseroles etc.
Its basically a healthy filler that I think all the guys would like

Happy Birthday..... enjoy! Love you!

And if ALL those presents aren't enough (ha ha)

Here's a couple more:
Who doesn't love swing pictures?

You can come and redeem your hard copies of these when you get here.

What sizes do you want?

Grandma Nee,
Please come paint my toe nails and let me brush your hair.
I brush my hair every day so it will be long like yours!

Hi Grandma this is Silas.
I cant wait to see my birthday with you!
When are you coming?
And if Claire could talk she would say.

Grandma, come change my diapers and tickle my tummy! I laugh a lot now! I drink lots of milk. I can hold my own bottle now, but I still need cuddles while I do it.
Love you MAMAM
(so far that's how my kids first say "Grandma").


  1. Thank you Holly, Jake , Silas, Lauren, and Claire. I have tears of joy running down my cheeks! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! AND I plan to collect all my kisses, hugs and snuggles when I get there!

  2. I had to come back to this post because I just made my third batch of this wonderful rice. My favorite use (so far) has been as a filler in chicken enchiladas. Leftover chicken, Holly's rice, taco cheese, wrapped up and covered with enchilada sauce = yum. Thanks for bringing this into our rotation!! Love your blog, sweet momma!