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Friday, June 25, 2010

using up our new pics.

So far, were lovin' on summer, and summer's lovin' on us. So glad it just beginning. Here's what we've done:

This picture cracks me up.

Claire's eyes couldn't be any bigger,

and Lauren's roots.
Oh the curly roots.

Silas- affectionate as ever.

A little bit of rough house.

My newest recipe attempt.
Choc cupcakes with a peanut butter creme in the center.
They didn't taste as good as this one looks, because I never use my timer, and this time, It came back to haunt me. They were terribly dry. Even with frosting on top and the inside.
I thought I was better than that!
Actually, I was using Skype for the first time EVER. The kids got to have a "face to face" conversation with my brother for the first time! Seriously, Silas will be five this summer, and has never met my big brother. I think that was worth drying out the cupcakes.
Lauren spent three days this week looking like this. On the third day, I took her in an found out her poor little body had an infection. After just three doses of antibiotics, she was back to herself again.

Just pitiful.

Look what Claire can do!
A picture I took on Fathers Day.
The kids got to shoot some pop cans with Dad on his special day.

Dads new Present, hard at work.

Claire's first time in the Hot tub!

Silas' friend. He met the man while he and I were walking through the down town art walk. This old man was playing "Joshua and the Battle of Jericho". Silas' favorite church song. How perfect is that? So, Silas sat down and ate the free art walk snack while they played a few songs. This old man's partner was keeping beat with two rocks. Like the kind from you garden! Classic.

Camping tomorrow! this is our first camping adventure since we have become a family of five. Actually, last time we went camping, Silas was 8 mo. old and I was a few weeks pregnant with Lauren. Needless to say, I am a bit nervous about the whole thing. Our last experience was a bad one. Bad enough to keep us from going again for four and a half years! I made lots of home-made goodies, to take along, and that made the entire trip worth it (a reason to experiment). Even if it goes horribly wrong, the food will be great! I will share pictures (if they are blog-worthy). Have a great weekend!

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