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Friday, May 14, 2010


This is embarrassing, but for memories sake,
this is Jake and I in our dating era.
This picture was taken by Jake's mom. We were freshly 17 and 18.

At this time Jake's family was expecting their first adopted daughter from China.

I don't think they knew the Chinese name for "boyfriend/girlfriend so I became Jake's aunt.

Jake is holding the monkey only because his mom asked him too (really, I guess they ended up sending it to Anna with the picture ;).

I know, all that explaining doesn't make it any less embarrassing, I just feel this pressing urge to explain some things:

I got these glasses BEFORE Harry Potter came out in theatres!

There is no blood relation between Jake and I ;)


  1. This is a beautiful story your children will love looking back on. Can't you just hear them... Mom..we can't believe you wore a shirt like that or wore your hair like that or some such thing and then they will laugh. But it's a great story to share with them and they will love that you shared it with them.
    Hugs to you,
    Grandma Cherie

  2. Yeah, I already cant believe I wore those glasses. I thought they were so cool...

  3. Wow...You guys look so young, but I love the Pic... of the two of you